Recipes & Tips

Can I freeze my seafood?
Yes! If you're planning to keep your seafood products frozen, we recommend you put them in the freezer immediately upon receipt. If you cannot wait to eat it, simply remove the vacuum packaging and thaw under refrigeration.

How do I store my seafood?
Once your Saltwater Grove Seafood box is delivered, open it and inspect your seafood. The contents should be frozen. Place your delicious seafood into the freezer for use at a later date or remove the vacuum packaging and thaw in the refrigerator for immediate use. All of our seafood in containers (shucked oysters & crabmeat) can be thawed in the packaging you receive them in.

Whole oysters should be put on a baking tray or in a bowl, covered with a damp cloth and placed in your refrigerator.

How much seafood should I serve?
The FDA recommends a minimum of 8 oz. of seafood per week. A serving of seafood is considered 4 oz. When the seafood is cooked it loses some of its weight.

I’m having a party, how much seafood might each person eat?
Adults = 1 lb. seafood
Children = ½ lb. seafood

People typically eat more seafood during sporting events. Consumption also depends on what else you’re serving. For whole fish, plan on about 1 lb. per person since there are some portions of the fish typically not consumed.