Shrimp, Peeled

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Wild-caught in the Bayous and Estuaries Surrounding the Louisiana Coastline and in the Gulf of Mexico.

White shrimp have a beautiful, mild flavor, with a natural sweetness. This is because they flourish in areas of less salinity, such as brackish estuaries and bayous. They’re tender and similar in texture to white fish and are the biggest of the Gulf shrimp species. If you boil or sauté the shrimp, they soak in the sauces and seasonings quite nicely. Delicious and full of flavor, the shrimp are also very versatile. You can prepare them in many dishes, using a variety of cooking methods.

All of Saltwater Grove Seafood’s shrimp are hand peeled. Lots of big factories use machines that peel their shrimp, but by being a small family-owned business, we peel our own. We offer careful attention to quality and every detail.

How to prepare:  grill, blacken, stovetop, bake, saute, fry, broil, marinate, boil, poach, smoke, steam

  • Large – 1 pound, 20 shrimp average
  • Medium – 1 pound, 50 shrimp average
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    FRESH, FAST and EASY!!

    Posted by Jill J on Sep 14th 2022

    I recently sent out a few gifts (peeled shrimp) to out of town family and friends. One was a wedding gift, another a birthday gift, and one was just to brighten someone’s day !! I got great reviews when they received these fresh, ready to cook shrimp. The added plus was it came from “Down the Road”! Fresh/hand peeled from our folks back home. Put this one as your priority gift ! Wait —-and then we checked out the awesome recipes. Bon Apetit