Live Oysters by the Sack (In-Store Pickup Only)

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Wild-caught and Harvested in the Louisiana Delta on Oyster Leases. We pride ourselves in providing the finest oysters directly to our customers and resturants. For in-store pickup only. Please call to place an order.    

Our Oysters are supremely tender and have a creamy texture. They taste sweet and mild, with just a hint of salinity; unmatched by other oysters harvested in the USA. 

Saltwater Grove Seafood prides itself on sourcing wild-caught seafood ourselves as well as from local fishermen in Southeastern Louisiana. All our seafood is sustainable because we fish in waters that are well regulated. Every day, boats come in, unload at the Saltwater Grove Seafood dock and the seafood processing starts immediately. By having this access to seafood caught straight out of the waters, it ensures we are providing the freshest catch to our customers. 

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