Bottarga by the Ounce

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Shaped like a thin tongue, with either a dull yellow color or a deep amber, depending on how long it's been aged, a hunk of mullet roe doesn't look like much, but it's prized the world over for the titanic flavor it imparts to a dish.

We source and select the finest premium quality Mullet Roe the shores of Louisiana has to offer. The raw Mullet Roe is then naturally dried in an enclosed area and prepared with the use of traditional techniques, passed down from generations, to create an unrivaled piece of culinary history with traditional flavour. 

Once cured, the firm blocks of Mullet roe are ready to be used in dishes, sauces, soups, and more! Described as being deeply complex, funky, rich, and briny, with an incredibly smooth texture, Bottarga adds flavor and enhances everything with its delightful taste.

A cured product Bottarga lasts unopened for several months, once opened, however, be sure to carefully wrap and store in the refrigerator. As you use it, be sure to peel back the fine papery membrane that surrounds the sac. One whole Bottarga can last for years, seasoning and flavoring hundreds of dishes. You can use Bottarga in the same way you would use truffle. Shave it over pasta, or add it to casseroles, soups, and sauces, for a punch of bold savory flavor.

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